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News Update – September 2016 – Critical Illness Cover for British Expats  Unusual Risks are now able to arrange Critical Illness Cover for British Expats living in the following countries listed below. Applicants must currently own a UK Property, hold a UK Bank Account and must also be able to provide us with a copy of […]

Where to find the best Life Assurance deal for UK Expats and British Expats?

There have been major changes over the last 12 months, in the availability of Life Assurance and Life Insurance for British Expatriates living abroad. Major Life Assurance companies such as Legal & General, Friends Life and Aviva have all withdrawn from offering Insurance to British Expats living abroad. Unusual Risks have responded by researching the […]


Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers that offer “UK Expat Life Insurance” and “UK Expat Life Assurance”. Recently we have seen a large reduction in the amount of Insurance providers offering Life Insurance to British Citizens living abroad. UK Insurance Providers such as Aviva, Legal & General and Friends Life have all withdrawn […]

Expatriate Insurance Survey 2015 …

Unusual Risks, the UK Life Insurance advisers, are today announcing the results of their second Expatriate Insurance Survey. After conducting this latest survey into the availability of Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover to British Expatriates, they can now confirm that only 33% of UK insurance companies offer Life Insurance products to British Citizens living […]

British Expatriate – Level Term Assurance and Whole of Life Assurance

Unusual Risks were recently approached by Janet (Aged 50) who is a British Expat Property Consultant currently residing in France. Janet has three dependent children currently at University in England and is concerned about their well being should she pass on whilst living in France. She currently has no Life Assurance in place and would […]

British Expatriate – Critical Illness Cover

Unusual Risks were recently approached by Simon (Aged 41 ) who is a British Expat Banker for a major International Bank … Simon has Life Insurance and Long Term Sick Pay Benefits with his current employer, but does not have any Critical Illness Cover. He has been posted in Singapore on a fixed term contract […]

British Expatriate – Life Assurance & Life Insurance

Unusual Risks were recently approached by Paul (Aged 36) who is a British Expat senior executive for an Insurance Company currently working in Bermuda. He has already has substantial Life Assurance with his employer’s pension scheme, but has decided that he would also like a life assurance policy of his own. This will mean that […]

“Check Out” British Expatriate Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover …

When visiting a UK supermarket these days we seem to be bombarded with offers of financial services such as credit cards, travel insurance, savings accounts, current accounts and of course Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover. For UK residents buying Life Assurance or Critical Illness Cover can be as simple as taking your groceries through […]

British Expatriate – Whole of Life Assurance – Over 50’s Life Assurance

Jennifer (Aged 63) is a retired Bank Cashier, currently living in Portugal, who approached Unusual Risks looking for Over 50’s Life Assurance … She is looking to make sure that her loved ones have enough money available in the UK to make any funeral and repatriation arrangements on her behalf. Having an Insurance plan in […]

British Expatriate – Whole of Life Assurance for Funeral Expenses …

Unusual Risks were recently approached by Patricia (Aged 54) and Paul (Aged 56) who are currently living in Mallorca, Spain … They are both working part time and enjoying their semi-retirement in the sun. Although they have lived between Spain and the United Kingdom for a while and are contented with their lifestyle, they have […]