British Expatriate – Level Term Assurance and Whole of Life Assurance

Unusual Risks were recently approached by Janet (Aged 50) who is a British Expat Property Consultant currently residing in France.

Janet has three dependent children currently at University in England and is concerned about their well being should she pass on whilst living in France. She currently has no Life Assurance in place and would like to see quotations from a Life Assurance company that offers inclusive cover to British Expatriates and UK Citizens that are currently living abroad.

Life Assurance and Life Insurance has become increasingly difficult to obtain for British Expatriates living abroad, as many UK Life Assurance Companies have now withdrawn from offering this type of cover. It is mainly due to regulatory restrictions that a number of UK Insurance Companies have made this decision.

However, there are still some options that mean British Expats and UK Citizens can access Life Assurance whilst living abroad. These companies will normally require that the applicant still has some form of interest in the UK such as a UK property address and will always collect the policy premiums from an existing UK Bank Account.

The Level Term Assurance option offers to protect the individual for a set amount of Insurance for a fixed period of time. For example 20 years or through until the persons retirement age.

The Whole of Life Assurance option option offers to protect the individual for a set amount of Insurance right through until the point that it is needed.

In both cases we are able to arrange a standard UK Life Assurance policy for British Expatriates, who are currently living abroad and even where required arrange a medical and nurse screening with an English speaking doctor in the country that the applicant currently resides.

Unusual Risks are specialists at finding Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates living abroad. We are highly experienced at advising UK Citizens and British Expatriates who are looking for Expat friendly Life Assurance, whilst living outside of the United Kingdom.

Visit for our free British Expatriate Life Assurance Factsheet

If you require more information on Life Insurance, Life Assurance, or Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates living abroad you can contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services on UK 0845 474 3075 or International +44 1404 45397, email at or web at

PLEASE NOTE* All applicants should be able to offer some form of interest in the United Kingdom such as a UK Property Address. All policies are arranged through leading UK Insurance Companies who collect the premiums from a UK Bank Account.

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