Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers that offer “UK Expat Life Insurance” and “UK Expat Life Assurance”. Recently we have seen a large reduction in the amount of Insurance providers offering Life Insurance to British Citizens living abroad.

UK Insurance Providers such as Aviva, Legal & General and Friends Life have all withdrawn from offering new Life Insurance plans to British Expats and the niche providers left in the market seem to be trying to take full advantage of the situation by charging significantly higher premiums than before.

At Unusual Risks we have a policy of not recommending reviewable and renewable styles of Term Assurance, because these providers are able to increase the premiums annually on your policy. We have seen a trend recently of Expat clients approaching us that are facing significant increases to their annual Life Insurance contracts.

One client approached us recently because his annually reviewable Life Insurance with Zurich Futura had increased by 46% from £106.00 per month to £154.00 for £200,000 of cover. This example illustrates our reasons for not recommending annual reviewable Life Insurance policies for British Expats living abroad.

UK Expat Life Insurance & UK Expat Life Assurance

We are currently helping a number of British Expats find a cheaper premiums for their Life Insurance, by introducing them to a specialist Expat Life Insurer who offers Guaranteed Term Assurance. This type of insurance is especially good for British Expats who still own a UK property and still have a UK Bank Account.

In some cases people have approached us who have been offered contracts described as International Term Assurance, Global Protection Plans, International Life Insurance or Global Life Assurance products at four times the premiums charged for a standard Life Insurance policy.

Some of the policies that are available to British Expats living abroad are more suitable to people living in higher risk countries like Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan. We are normally able to arrange Term Assurance, at premiums four times cheaper than these options for people living outside of these areas.

Unusual Risk offer “UK Expat Life Assurance” service on a “Fee Only” basis. This means that the product you receive, does not have any commissions payable to financial advisers and you benefit directly from discounted monthly premiums for the whole duration of your Life Assurance plan.

If you are a British Expat and are looking for Life Insurance to protect your family, children, property or mortgage please contact us to speak with a financial adviser.

Please note our “UK Expat Life Assurance” Service is only currently available to people who still own a UK Property and still hold a UK Bank Account. 

You can read more about the recent changes in the Life Insurance market for British Expats by reading our previous articles.

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Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering specialist advice on Life Insurance and Life Assurance for British Expatriates and UK Citizens currently living abroad.

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