British Expatriate Life Insurance – The Latest Advice & Research – Summer 2016


It’s now around 12 months since almost all of the mainstream UK insurers withdrew from offering life insurance to British Expat’s living abroad. As financial advisers who look after many existing British Expat clients, this change of policy from UK insurers has proven challenging and inconvenient for both our new and existing clients.

We are being contacted regularly by British Expats who are desperately looking for additional Life Insurance to protect their children, families and mortgages.  We believe that it is your right as a UK Citizen to still be able to access a UK based Life Insurance policy to protect your loved ones.

UK Insurers like Friends Life, Aviva, Legal & General, Zurich Life, Aegon, Vitality and Royal London have all withdrawn from offering services to British Expats. Other Global or International Insurers have requirements that are almost impossible to meet for busy professional people, such as requiring you to take a medical back in the UK.

Unusual Risks have spent a great deal of time researching the Life Insurance options for British Expats and are now able to secure them Term Assurance at Guaranteed Premium rates. We are even able to arrange a medical with an English speaking doctor in the country where you reside.

Michael, Aged 35, Marketing Executive living in Singapore.

Michael approached us because he needed £500,000 of Life Insurance to cover his family, whilst working abroad in Asia. He’s extremely busy with his career, so needed to find a financial adviser who could arrange cover for him, without the need to return back to the UK for a medical.

The options are very limited for British Expat’s looking for Life Insurance and the one’s that do exist are difficult to obtain. This is because many providers either require the applicant to still have a UK doctor, or require the applicant to return to the UK for a medical.

Many of the current International Life Insurance options and Global Life Insurance providers have products that are difficult to obtain and charge premiums more suited to people living in higher risk areas such as Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The majority of the policies available have renewable, or reviewable premium rates that mean the policy premiums can be increased by the insurer. We have met several clients who’s policy premiums have been increased by 50% on their most recent annual review.

And Michael?

Unusual Risks arranged £500,000 of Term Assurance at Guaranteed Premium rates for the whole duration of his policy. Most importantly we were able to arrange a medical for him with an English speaking doctor in Singapore, which saved him having to return to the UK.

We offer our “UK Expat Life Insurance ” service on a “Fee Only” basis, as the product provider we recommend does not pay lump sum commissions to financial advisers. This means our advice is completely impartial and we offer you the best product currently available in the UK to British Expat’s.

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering specialist advice on Life Insurance and Life Assurance for British Expatriates and UK Citizens currently living abroad.

For more information on Expatriate Life Assurance, Expatriate Life Insurance, Expatriate Critical Illness Cover you can contact Unusual Risks by phone (Int) +44 1404 45397 (UK) 0845 474 3075.

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*** PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to offer “UK Expat Life Insurance” to people who still own a UK Property and still hold a UK Bank Account. ***

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