Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover has been seriously restricted for the last 12 months, due to changes in legislation and regulation here in the UK. All of the mainstream providers withdrew from offering cover, leaving British Expats without any reliable source of Life Insurance with Guaranteed Premiums and Terms.


In response to this Unusual Risks have sourced a term assurance, with a reliable UK provider which has proved very useful for British Expats struggling to find Life Insurance. This product is available to people living in most areas of the world and have successfully arranged cover for people across the globe already.

Some of the more difficult to insure countries that the product has been useful for insuring applicants are Kuwait, India, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Cayman Islands, Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya and Georgia. The insurer offers Guaranteed Premiums and has strong financial solvency.

There are a number of “International and Global Insurers” currently offering Life Insurance who are based outside of the UK. It has come to our attention that some of these are based in Mauritius and extra caution should be exercised if you are offered one of these products.


Recently Critical Illness Cover has become available again to British Expats living abroad, but this is only available to people resident in a restricted list of countries at this moment. The list is constantly being updated and improved by our product provider, so if you are looking for this product we suggest you contact us with your circumstances.

This obviously is a welcome major development and we are monitoring this situation closely for changes to the approved countries list and criteria. We have already successfully arranged this product for British Expats and welcome all clients who are looking for Critical Illness Cover. (Subject to criteria below).


PLEASE NOTE: All British Expat applicants for Life Insurance must still own a UK property and hold a UK bank Account. Those looking for Critical Illness Cover must also have a mortgage outstanding on their UK Property. This criteria cannot be altered in any way, so please do not contact us if you cannot meet this criteria. We can only arrange cover for people in these circumstances.


Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering specialist advice on Life Insurance, Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates and UK Citizens currently living abroad.

For more information on Expatriate Life Assurance, Expatriate Life Insurance, Expatriate Critical Illness Cover you can contact Unusual Risks by phone (Int) +44 1404 45397 (UK) 0845 474 3075.

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