We have recently been approached by several Expat clients whose main aim has been to secure the absolute lowest premium for their Life Insurance and Critical illness Cover ….

The odd thing about this is that even though they are either living abroad already, or have intentions of living abroad in the near future, they are willing to sacrifice the quality of cover and specialist financial advice, for even the smallest of savings per month.


There are several ways you could buy Life Insurance and Critical Illness as an expat, but the one way that we certainly DO NOT recommend is buying via“ Direct Offer” or via “Internet Websites”. These distribution routes do not include advice, therefore it is difficult to know for sure if the policy covers Expats. Most of the products offered through this route do not even cover British Expats, due to complex residency terms and conditions.


Many people approach “Mainstream Brokers” without realising they rarely encounter British Expats looking for Life Insurance and critical illness cover. This means they are increasingly likely to offer you a product that is unsuitable for an Expat. We regularly meet clients who have been offered an incorrect product, due to the lack of knowledge of the mainstream financial adviser.


Of course our recommended distribution route is through a “Specialist Financial Adviser” like Unusual Risks, because we have looked after literally hundreds of British Expats before and are completely up to date with the latest availability of products. This way you will receive the best “Expat Friendly” products available and be sure the terms and conditions of the policy are “inclusive” of your residential circumstances.


We have been completely shocked these last few weeks by clients who have approached us for “quote comparisons” against products that won’t even pay out benefits to a British Expat upon a claim, or have restrictions around the counties that are included in the policy. Most UK Life Assurance Companies do not even offer cover and certainly will not be pay out benefits to an expat on a claim.


What is remarkable is that the quote comparison that we provided, was for an “Expat Friendly” product and was only £2 per month extra in premium. The margins between most Term Life and Critical Illness Cover products are actually very slim these days. The cost of “Fully Comprehensive” cover that is “Inclusive” of Expats is actually still very competitive.


So to look at Life Insurance using terminology normally used for car insurance. If you are going to be resident abroad and spend time outside of the UK, would you rather be covered only for “Third Party” cover or prefer to have “Fully Comprehensive” cover? We think the answer to this question is absolutely obvious, why would you pay any premium to an insurance company for a policy that simply does not cover you?


At Unusual Risks we only offer a “Fully Comprehensive” service with financial advice included. The premium you eventually receive will be very competitive, but we are unlikely to offer you the absolute cheapest premium in the market, because those products do not even cover British Expats living abroad. We believe it is crucial that the products we recommend are specific to the needs of British Expats and are “Expat Friendly”.

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering specialist advice on Life Insurance, Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates and UK Citizens currently living abroad.

For more information on Expatriate Life Assurance, Expatriate Life Insurance, Expatriate Critical Illness Cover you can contact Unusual Risks by phone (Int) +44 1404 45397 (UK) 0845 474 3075.

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