It seems a completely obvious point, but the most important factor when taking out either Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover is making certain the policy actually covers Expats living abroad. Most of the UK insurers actually exclude people who live outside of the UK.

It’s crucial to check that you are applying for the right policy ! Better still get someone else to check, who is qualified and has vast experience of placing cover for British Expats. Why would you take a chance with something so important?

In my last two articles I’m came out heavily on these points … (The Pitfalls when buying Insurance?) (Third Party or Fully Comprehensive?)

We feel very strongly about people trying to take out cover, where they may not be giving the insurer the full picture about their health, or may not be disclosing their residency situation fully. We have met clients prepared to make false declarations in order to make a small two pounds per month saving on their monthly premiums.

They were willing to risk the policy not paying out the benefits, because of an incorrect declaration. To say this is ridiculous is an under statement, full disclosure of all the facts is essential when taking out a Life Insurance or Critical Illness Cover for any British Expat.

Disclosure needs to be made in regards to health and residential status, which will certainly mean answering more questions up front and following an “advice and recommendation” process. We strongly advice British Expats not to buy their Life Insurance through comparison websites or mainstream brokers, as it’s unlikely you will find the best insurance for your needs.

Unusual Risks have special arrangements with underwriters and insurers to assess eligibility for British Expats, which means you get the best possible service and premiums for your circumstances. Our insurers are “Expat Friendly” which means you can be sure the policy will offer you “fully comprehensive” cover.

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering specialist advice on Life Insurance, Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates and UK Citizens currently living abroad.

For more information on Expatriate Life Assurance, Expatriate Life Insurance, Expatriate Critical Illness Cover you can contact Unusual Risks by phone (Int) +44 1404 45397 (UK) 0845 474 3075.

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