Why has Expat Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover become so difficult to obtain for UK Citizens living abroad?

It used to be so easy with companies like Legal & General, Aviva, Lutine and Friends Provident all offering Life Insurance to those with “intent to return to the UK”. Just tick a box on the application form regarding residency and they would issue a policy and no further questions would be asked.

The latest underwriting rules that are now in place for UK Citizens are far more strict, with insurable interest needing to be proven. It is still possible to arrange Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover for UK Expats, but in reality only through a specialist financial adviser like Unusual Risks.

These are the situations where UK Expats people are still likely to qualify for Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover?

  • Outstanding Mortgage on a UK property
  • Dependent spouse and young children living in the UK
  • UK inheritance tax (IHT) liability
  • Paying for a relative’s UK private school, university or care home fees
  • UK company with overseas key person or shareholder
  • In all cases a UK Bank account is still required

We have special “Fast” medical underwriting facilities with insurance companies where in the majority of cases we can get formal terms for clients, within a short time of submitting an application form. We also have access to the lowest premium rates to British Expats, as we only use mainstream insurers.

For policies with particularly large sums assured and premiums we can even arrange medicals abroad in the country where you are resident, which makes obtaining insurance for you as easy as possible. We have special medical arrangements with insurers that can make Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover as smooth as possible to obtain for for British Expats living abroad.

We also have international conferencing facilities and offer a free 15 minute initial phone consultation, so you can find out quickly if you qualify for Expat Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover. We are the UK’s leading specialist financial adviser for those seeking larger amounts of Expat Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover.

Unusual Risks are the UK’s leading financial advisers offering specialist advice on Life Insurance, Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates and UK Citizens currently living abroad.

For more information on Expatriate Life Assurance, Expatriate Life Insurance, Expatriate Critical Illness Cover you can contact Unusual Risks by phone (Int) +44 1404 45397 (UK) 0845 474 3075.

Or contact us by Email at or visit us online at

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