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Unusual Risks and their “Expatriate Insurance Survey 2014” have recently been featured in The Financial Times Publication – The Financial Adviser Newspaper.

The Financial Adviser Newspaper is the leading Insurance Industry publication in the UK and is well respected recognition for the launch of our new Insurance Service for British Expatriates who are living abroad.

The Expatriate Insurance survey asked UK Life Assurance companies to indicate if they offered insurance products to British Citizens who spend more than six months abroad per year. Only 25% of Life Assurers were prepared to accept insurance applications from people living abroad, with 75% responding that they would not offer cover, or would require the applicant to be in the UK more than six months per year.

The Insurance Industry has a long history of excluding certain groups of individuals from being able to access Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover products. There are many groups of British Expatriates that represent little, or no further risk over and above any other British Citizen applying for cover. We have decided to offer the Expatriate Insurance Service to UK Expats who are feeling excluded by the Life Insurance Industry.

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(Please Note: Friends Life did tell the “Financial Times – FT Adviser” that they offered Life Insurance to British Expats abroad when in fact they DO NOT. Currently Friends Life only offer Life Insurance to applicants that are UK Resident and Paying UK Tax.)

Visit www.expatriatelifeassurance.co.uk for our free British Expatriate Life Assurance Factsheet

If you require more information on Life Insurance, Life Assurance, or Critical Illness Cover for British Expatriates living abroad you can contact Unusual Risks Mortgage & Insurance Services on UK 0845 474 3075 or International +44 1404 45397, email at Enquiries@unusualrisks.co.uk or web at http://www.expatriatelifeassurance.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE* All applicants should be able to offer some form of interest in the United Kingdom such as a UK Property Address. All policies are arranged through leading UK Insurance Companies who collect the premiums from a UK Bank Account.

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